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Men, when you are looking for a surgical solution to weight loss, many patients are discouraged when their physician suggests that liposuction is the best option. While liposuction has consistently delivered outstanding body contouring results to people for decades, many patients simply don’t need to undergo such a dramatic procedure to achieve the body transformation that they desire.

Since liposuction is a fully-invasive, anesthesia-assisted surgery, it should only be reserved for cases of extreme weight loss in patients. Many of the patients simply want to get rid of unattractive tummy fat, or to reduce the protrusion of their chest area for a more masculine pectoral appearance. These types of patients do not need liposuction.


From Cynosure, the SmartLipo Triplex is the most sophisticated approach to minimally-invasive liposuction. Using concentrated precision laser technology, the SmartLipo Triplex Body Sculpting System can discreetly target any areas of unwanted fat in the abdomen, extremities, or neck region, and essentially melt the fat, allowing it to be processed by your body naturally.

What makes the SmartLipo approach such an attractive one to patients is the capability to offer similar results to those of plastic surgery without requirng the patient to receive a large incision. The SmartLipo cannula can be inserted into an opening smaller than a dime, and target the fat without requiring a larger incision.


Little to no discernible scarring: SmartLipo is a great solution for, say, getting ready for the summer because it leaves almost no detectable scarring from treatment. This way, patients can enjoy the benefits of body contouring without having to broadcast their procedure with an unattractive scar sprawling across their bellies.

Minimal recovery time: Since there is little scarring, the body can heal itself much more quickly than with conventional plastic surgery. The wound heals quickly, and many patients report that they are able to return to work within the week.

No unexpected blood loss: Minimally-invasive procedures are being adopted across all medical fields because they allow the physician to confidently execute a procedure without unpredictable elements like blood loss. These events can be a nightmare for plastic surgeons, but SmartLipo surgeons can always guarantee a safe procedure.


SmartLipo patients are among our most satisfied clients. It allows men to regain definition in their stomachs, and get rid of the most stubborn patches of lower belly fat.