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For many women, bigger is not always better. The pain and discomfort caused by over-sized breasts can make a real impact on everyday life. Backache, neck ache, soreness and sometimes infection from skin rubbing beneath the breasts can all be symptoms. As well as relieving the discomfort, breast reduction surgery can uplift and reshape breasts and have excellent results. Many women find it easier to join in with sport and exercise, feel happier and more confident about the way they look after the operation.

We can also advise if you have one breast much larger than the other or if breasts have become droopy and nipples are pointing downwards.If your life is being affected by the size or shape of your breasts, B&B Aesthetic clinic can help. During an initial consultation our surgeon will advise you on the type of surgery you will need and consult you in detail about the kind of results you require.

The Procedure

Breast reduction is an operation to reduce the size of your breasts by removing some of the breast tissue. This procedure involves having a general anaesthetic, as your surgeon makes incisions into your breasts in order to remove excess skin and breast tissue.
The most common method is to make three incisions:

• One around the areola (the dark area around the nipple)
• A vertical incision from the base of the areola to underneath the fold of the breast
• A third incision running horizontally underneath the breast from one side to the other.

The resulting scar is ‘anchor’ shaped and will fade over time to a very fine line. Any scarring is easy to conceal and with regular clothing – even a low cut neckline – there won’t be anything to see.

You will normally need to spend two nights in hospital and the operation itself will take up to three hours. Recovery time varies from person to person and depends on personal fitness but we advise two to three weeks off work and refraining from heavy lifting for between four and six weeks.

Our surgeons are specialists in breast surgery and during your initial, consultation you will be given every opportunity to talk through your options and find out in-depth information about what’s involved with your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions :

Q: What sort of problems can be resolved with breast reduction surgery?

A: Drooping breasts after childbirth or weight-loss, back and neck pain as well as skin irritation or breasts which are two very different sizes: all of these can help dramatically change the shape of the breasts boost the confidence of someone feeling unhappy with their body shape.

Q: What Are The Risks Involved?

A: Here at B&B Aesthetic Clinic we pride ourselves on safety and we only work with the top surgeons in their field. We have performed hundreds of breast operations and you will be in safe – and expert – hands.

Q: What Will Happen During And After The Operation?

A: Directly after surgery you will go to a recovery room. Your surgeon will cover any stitches with a dressing, which will be changed after around two days. You will also be required to wear a supportive bra straight after the operation. Most people who have this procedure will need to stay in hospital between one and three nights and will be given pain control medication to help with any discomfort as the anaesthetic wears off.
When the surgical dressings have been removed, you will need to keep wearing a support bra for several weeks afterwards. This helps to prevent the weight of your breasts pulling on your wound.

Q: How Do I Know I’m Getting The Best After Care?

A: Here at B&B Aesthetic Clinic, we take a caring approach to each and every one of our clients and we have a wonderful team who have been with us for many years. Our nurses will ensure you are well looked after and we will arrange follow-up appointments for soon after your operation.

Q: How Long Will I Have To Take Off Work?

A: Each patient will be different however we would usually recommend two to four weeks off work.

Q: How Quickly Will My Breasts Look ‘Normal’ After Surgery?

A: You will be able to see an immediate result, however it will take between four and six weeks for the swelling to reduce.